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I want to maintain the following three principles in writing "Views from an Entrepreneur"

  1. I do not want to write critical columns; my intent is to consistently view things from a positive perspective.

    What often stands out when I read columns and published comments is the critical, know-it-all slant of the argument, such as, "Japan lacks international perspectives," "the problem with Japanese companies," or "young people today...." This is simply depressing, and I don't enjoy reading this stuff. I want to completely avoid this negative tenor in "Views from an Entrepreneur" and strive to put my thoughts together, always seeking to see things as they are, and focusing on positive aspects.

  2. I am not trying to tell society what to do; my fundamental intent is to recognize what I myself should do based on what is happening around me.

    "The government should reduce taxes!" "The LDP should work to maintain the financial system rather than putting energy into financial reconstruction!"—I want to completely avoid the tone of advocating a particular policy that is so often adopted by critics and politicians. This sounds very arrogant, and nothing is worse than people who don’t practice what they preach. In “Views from an Entrepreneur," I want to send out a message based on what happens around me, and how things look from where I stand, within my range of influence.

  3. I want to encourage two-way rather than one-way communication.

    Instead of simply providing one side of an argument, I want to stimulate positive interaction through two-way communication.

September 1998
Yoshito Hori

About my Opinions

It has now been almost 12 years since I started writing essays in this blog, “Views from an Entrepreneur,” in 1998. Until now, I have refrained from stating my opinions in these essays, as opinions always invite counterarguments and criticisms once they are expressed. Additionally, they may cause misunderstandings or create enemies. However, I can no longer stay with such a policy and remain silent. With the dearth of evidence of positive approaches to the challenges and problems faced by Japan, despite their enormity, I must express my opinion and contribute to the solution.

Where I stand is also changing. GLOBIS is on its way to becoming the leading graduate school of management in Japan. I myself will be reaching 50 years of age soon. Naturally, members of our generation have a responsibility for the future of Japan. So, from this point on, I have decided to say what I need to say, without worrying about criticism. I want to trigger debate by aggressively expressing my opinions as one of the entrepreneurs who is responsible for the next generation.

I plan to talk about the things that come to my attention, and then take action without flinching. I believe that Japan’s reforms will start from the opinions that each one of us expresses and the actions that each of us takes, each and every day of our lives.

March 2010
Yoshito Hori

*Please note that this blog is an English translation. The original blog is written in Japanese by Yoshito Hori, Globis Group CEO.

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